Anti-THC Spray (Kleaner)

Anti-THC Spray (Kleaner)

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   Our treatment is the only one of its kind to guarantee a 100% success rate in saliva test cases. That is why we offer you satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

   Immediately effective and for the next 6 hours.

   Instantly eliminates all toxins present in your mouth (cannabis, cocaine, MDMA...)

   Product guaranteed non-alcoholic.

   Product of biological origin.

   No danger or risk of side effects for the user.

   Delivery in 24 hours all over Europe.


   Open the cap then apply the product by spraying into your mouth.

   Apply sprays on and under your tongue, on the interior walls of your jaws and on the palate.

   Allow the product to circulate in your mouth in order to facilitate impregnation.